What is Disruption?

We have all witnessed disruption when it occurs in the macro. Technologies that open advancements in moving certain industries and market segments. Innovators that embrace those technologies and up-end those who were locked into the old ways of doing things. If history within the market demonstrates anything; "Doing things the way they have always been done" is certainly a recipe for being over-run by an innovative thinker entering your market segment.
In most cases disruption is only recognized when it occurs within industries. However, disruption occurs every day, within every market. In smaller, local, markets disruption has occurred when Big Box Retailers moved into the area. Interestingly, this disruption is occurring again, in reverse. Big Box Retailers had a technological advantage over small, locally owned and operated retailers for decades. They had powerful advertising, a means to connect to suppliers and distribution that was far more efficient. Though, in the past few years, using Social Media, this has reversed and the advantage of building and engaging with an audience effectively has swung to the smaller businesses with a strong culture driving their efforts. 

Disruption in the Micro

In the past few years, the term Hacking has been used in nearly every aspect of life and business. We love this term to describe the mind of those who will create disruption. Bio-Hacking for better health and personal performance. Life Hacks to make everyday tasks easier. Disruptor's hack themselves, their life, their environment, trade, profession, industry, etc. Those who follow the status-quo, do what has always been done... those are the disrupted.
The fact is; Disruption has occurred, and should occur on a very personal level. New scientific breakthroughs in nutrition has led to new thinking when it comes to individual health, fitness, eating habits and meal schedules. This trend may be the most significant as the effect swims upstream, so to speak. As individuals become healthier, more disciplined and enthusiastic, their performance in the marketplace will disrupt their professions and trades. These health trends are leading to more focus, higher levels of energy and more innovative thought processes. Of course, as has always been the case, the 90/10 Rule is in play here. Meaning the top performing 10% will our perform and out produce the other 90%. The big question on this subject is: Are you ready?
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Where We Fit

In 1985 our Founder got his professional start in the Retail Automotive Industry. Quickly rising in the profession and gaining a reputation as a systems and marketing manager, he soon found himself opening his own dealerships and acting as a consultant to other Dealerships and Performance shops. By 1991 his value as a consultant in every vertical serving Automotive and Harley Davidson Retail and Performance made it necessary to sale his dealerships and move forward on a new career path.  

GoingNutts has been primarily involved in assisting others to use this thing called the internet since 1996. Not only positioning business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to take advantage of how things are but, successfully predicting where things are going. No market segment has been more successful at disrupting itself than has Digital Data and Communication. This is what it was called before Social Media. To deem this an Asylum, just seems the most accurate term.
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