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What are these boxes we hear so much about? Do you think inside the box? Outside the box? Is the box even real?
Okay, we all know boxes, Limitations on Thinking, exist. The balance, as we see it, is to keep our thinking from becoming entangled in small boxes. Our history of assisting business and commerce on the internet began in 1997. It's fair to say, looking back, most thinking was done within a very, very small box. Imagine a time when 99% of businesses had to be convinced they needed a website. In 2003, the boxes popped back up when business seemed unaware of Social Media Platforms. Technology appears to be consistently driving the box down in size. 
Today, it appears to be confusion regarding Content. What type? Where do we put it? How much should we produce? There has probably never been a time in the past 20 years that reaching your audience, keeping your audience, has been more of a challenge. Right now, someone is producing content, in the proper medium, proper platform and they are talking to your audience. Your business is unique, your company culture is unique. Your Content Strategy must be unique as well. You need to speak to your existing audience while introducing yourself to others. They need to know why you do what you do. Making it easy to understand and connect with. 
"When you believe you are current, you are at least a year behind!"
2019 is a new beginning for Going Nutts. As much as technology is driving the future, the past is returning. People want to connect with business again, they need it. The cold monsters with only price as their mission have run a course and it is ending quickly. The future is in relationships, local, sincere relationships. We have changed everything to serve small, local businesses and bring their audience back.
Going Nutts is a different kind of media services company. While we do everything other companies do; web development, graphic design, brand development and management, etc... What we love is technology and we love to use it to elevate our clients in ways they never considered. 
You would expect a media company to deploy UAV's for Media Production. However, what you are going to find here is; we use UAV's in some Verticals to greatly assist our clients in managing their business. Again, there is that thinking and those boxes. Our job, as we see it is to Drive Commerce. This is a prime motivator within the culture of our company. If this is important to you, there is a high likelihood we should work together.

Fresh Eyes

It is not a matter of needing help as much as needing to step back and see it from a fresh perspective. 
This is the time, what was lost can be regained. The fact is, there is an audience that wants and needs you. It's our job to bring you together.
Going Nutts Inc. 
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